Participating in a Zoom Live Interview

This guide will cover how start and participate in a Zoom Live Interview. Zoom Interviews can have up to fifty participants, require a plugin, and are mobile compatible.

  1. In your email invitation click the Join Interview Now link.
  1. You’ll be redirected to the interview landing page. Confirm that your email and name are correct, agree to the privacy and terms, and click Next.
  1. Review the welcome message and click Continue.
  1. You’ll be prompted to download the Zoom plugin which will allow the interview to run on your computer. Click to open and run the download.
  2. The plugin will install and the interview will open.
    • If you have already downloaded the Zoom plug-in, click Launch Application.
  1. Select your audio option:
    1. If you’d like to join the interview using your computer’s microphone and speakers, click Join Audio Conference by Computer.
    2. If you’d like to join by phone, click the join by phone tab, dial the number provided and click Done.
  1. Audio Button – Allows you to change your audio connection.
  2. Video Button – Click the button to stop your video feed.
  3. Invite New Participants Button – Click the button to invite participants to the interview. You’ll have the option to send the invitation via email, or copy a link or invitation to send manually.
  4. Manage Participants Button – View and manage participants involved in the interview.
  5. Share Screen Button – allows you to show your screen to other participants in the interview.
    1. Click Share Screen
    2. Select the application you’d like to share with a candidate and click Share Screen.
    3. To end the screenshare hover the mouse over the top of your screen until the menu drops down, click Stop Share.
  6. Chat Button – Click this button to chat with one or all of the participants in your interview.
  7. Record Button – Click here to record the session.
    • This feature is only available if you are set as the moderator on your interview.
    • Recorded files save to your computer.
  8. View Button – Change between Speaker and Gallery View.
    • Speaker view shows the current speaker in a large window with the other participants in a smaller window.
    • Gallery view shows all participants in an equally sized window.
  9. Full Screen Button – Expands the window to fit the size of your computer monitor.
  10. End Meeting Button – Click here to end the meeting.
    • If you are a moderator you will have three option upon clicking End the Meeting:
      1. End Meeting for All – will close out the meeting for all users.
      2. Leave Meeting – will leave the meeting open but you will exit the meeting.
      3. Cancel – will bring you back into the interview.

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