Scheduling a Live Interview

This guide will cover how to schedule a live interview with a candidate. Live interviews are face-to-face interviews conducted over video.

  1. Navigate to the Live Interviews tab by selecting Manage on the left navigation menu bar, click the Live Interviews tab at the top of your page.
    • Please note: a live interview can also be created within the Positions tab, immediately after creating a new position.
  1. From the Live Interviews tab, click New Live Interview.
  1. Add an interview title, select a position (if necessary), add an optional access code, select an email template, and add an optional description.
  2. Select your interview type.
    • Zoom – Up to 50 participants, screen share and recording capabilities, HD quality, mobile enable with Android and iOS, plugin required.
    • RTC – One-to-one interview, Chrome browser-based, HD quality.
  1. Click the date dropdown and choose a date, time, and timezone for your live interview.
  1. Click the participants dropdown and add a moderator, candidate, and any participants you would like to add into the interview (added participants are only available in Zoom Live Interviews) by typing their first name, last name, and email addresses in the required fields.
  2. Click Save to send email invitations to the included participants.

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