Live Interviews Tab Overview

This guide will cover the interface overview of the Live Interviews tab. In the Live Interviews tab, you can create, send and manage Live Interviews in Hire. Live Interviews are face-to-face interviews conducted with one or more participants at the same time over video.

To navigate to the Live Interviews tab, click Manage under the Hire section of the left navigation menu bar and click the Live Interviews tab at the top of the page.

  1. Menu Bar – Access your home dashboard, tools, and modules.
  2. Dashboard Tabs – Click on a tab to navigate through your Hire dashboard.
  3. Live Interview Title Filter – Search for a specific title or filter alphabetically by clicking on the column header text or the
  4. Job Filter – Click to sort alphabetically by a specific job title, or search by job title.
  5. Position Filter – Click to sort alphabetically by a specific position title, or search by position title.
  6. Moderator Filter – Click to sort alphabetically by moderator, or search by a specific moderator’s name.
  7. Candidate Filter – Click to sort alphabetically by candidate, or search by a specific candidate’s name.
  8. Scheduled Time Filter – Click to sort in ascending or descending order by scheduled interview time, or search by specific date.
  9. Interview Type Filter – Click to group by Zoom or RTC interviews, or filter out specific types using the dropdown box.
  10. Status Filter – Click to group by a status of “All”, “Upcoming”, or “Past” interviews, or filter out specific statuses using the dropdown box.
  11. View Calendar Button – Click here to view your calendar.
  12. New Live Interview Button – Click here to create a new live interview.
  13. Select All – Click to select/deselect all fields in the index.
  14. Delete Button – Click here to delete all selected interviews.
  15. Live Interviews List – Click on the hyperlinked text to view the selected object.

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