Using an Interview Guide in an Interview

We recommend sharing an interview guide with the recruiter/hiring manager via email. Sharing the guide via email will allow the user to save ratings on the guide giving hiring teams the ability to view aggregate scores on candidate interviews.

  1. If you’ve received a guide via email, at the time of your interview click on the link in your invitation email. 
  1. Review any relevant documents before the interview by selecting a document in the “Before the Interview” section.
    • You may also review any interview training material by clicking Access Online Training.
  1. Click on the candidate’s name in the “During the Interview” section to open up your interview guide.
  1. Log the date of your interview.
  1. Scroll through the competency questions and add notes and ratings for each question.
  1. In the Additional Questions and Notes section, add any overall notes and an overall rating.
  1. Log any additional ratings in the Other Attributes section.
  1. Your aggregate rating will be listed at the bottom of the guide.
  1. Add any final recommendations and comments.
  1. Click Save and Submit.
  1. Return to the Interview Guides menu and click the Feedback button next to your guide to view saved feedback from recruiters.
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