Creating an Interview Guide

  1. Click the “+ New Guide” button.
  1. Fill out the Job Details and Interview Process forms, and click Save & Continue.
    • If multiple interviewers will be participating in the interview, add additional interviewers by clicking the “+” button. Click “Add another round” to add additional rounds to the interview guide.
  1. Select Core Competencies for each interview in the Interview Guide. The guide builder will select questions based on the selected competencies. Click Save & Continue.
    • You will have an opportunity to view and change the chosen questions at a later point.
  1. To add technical questions from your available Functions/Sub-Functions to the Interview Guide, click the “+” button next to each question.
    • The available technical questions are populated based on the “Function” setting from step 2.
  1. Select the checkbox next to the interview round when the question will be asked. Click Save and & continue.
  1. Review the selected questions. Drag and drop to reorder questions, delete questions by clicking the X button, and click the Choose New Questions button to add additional questions from the selected category. Click Save & Continue.

Final Interview Guide Configuration Options

  1. Add Interviewer Names: Add interviewer Names to their corresponding guides.
  2. Preview/Download Buttons: Preview and/or download the guide.
    • Best Practice: We recommend clicking the Email Interviewer Portal Link check box as sending the recruiter their interview guide will allow the recruiter to log interview feedback.
  3. Candidate Information: Add the candidate’s first name, last name, and résumé. (optional)
  4. Add New Candidate Button: Click the “+” button to add new candidate rows.
  5. Job Documents Information: Add relevant job documents.
  6. Interview Link Information: Add relevant interview links.
  7. Add New Interview Link: Click the “+” button to add new Interview links.
  1. Click Save, Send & View Interview Portal.
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