Candidate Experience Walkthrough

Before You Start:

Technical Check:

  1. After clicking the link to start your interview, review the welcome information and click “Continue”.
  1. Review the interview information and click “Get Started” to move to the next step.

Practice Interview:

  1. Review the interview acknowledgments and click “I Agree”.
  1. You’ll be directed to a microphone/camera check. Center yourself in the webcam window (if your interview includes video).
  1. Speak a few words to confirm your microphone is working (the volume bar should move with the sound of your voice).
  1. Click “Looks good. Let’s go on.” if the hardware check is successful, and “It’s not right.” for troubleshooting.
  1. Click “Start Practice Recording” to run through a practice question.
  1. Review the on-screen instructions and click “Record Now” when ready.
  1. Click “Stop recording and review response” when you are finished with your practice response.
  1. Review your recording. Click “Practice Again” to re-record, “Troubleshoot” for technical help, or “Finish Practice” to start your official interview.

Official Interview:

  1. Click “Start” on the interview page.
  1. Read/listen to the question displayed on-screen.
  1. Click “Record Now” when you are ready to answer the question.
    • Your recording will automatically begin after the prep timer runs out.
  1. You will see the time limit for your answer in the time meter.
  1. Speak normally and ensure you’re centered on-screen. Click “Stop” when you are finished with your recording. You will be automatically directed to the next question/step in the process.
    • If retries are allowed, you can review and re-record your answer.
  1. If retries are not allowed, the interview will progress to the next question in the interview. If your interview includes different question types, you’ll have the opportunity to pause and make sure your hardware is operating correctly for the question type.
  1. After your final recording, your interview will be uploaded and marked complete. Review the outro message and click “Finish”. The organization you’re interviewing with will be notified about your completed interview. They will review your interview and reach out with next steps.

Need Help During Your Interview?

If you need technical assistance during your interview, we recommend that you submit a request via our Help Desk Portal.

  • Help desk agents are available via phone 24/7/365 at (877) 773-3164.
  • Technical Support agents are available Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time (excluding US Holidays).

Please note: If the Help Desk Agent is unable to resolve the issue you are experiencing, they will submit a request to a Technical Agent for further assistance. The technical support team will follow up during our standard technical support business hours.

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