Inviting Candidates to Complete an on demand Interview – Bullhorn Integration

  1. With your interview setup completed, you can begin to invite candidates to complete the interview. In the Bullhorn interviewstream integration, candidate are invited to complete an interview by adding candidates to a submission. To begin, click the Actions drop down in the top right corner of the page.
    • For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be adding a submission from inside a job, which will automatically select the interview you want to invite the candidate to complete. You may also invite candidates to complete an interview from a candidate record.
  1. Select the Add Submission option.
  1. Make sure the form information is correct and add candidates to the “Candidates” field by beginning to type their information.
    • Please note: In order to automatically invite the select candidates to the On-Demand interview, the Status field must match the Status selected in the Integration Setup field when creating your interview.
  1. After populating all information, click the Save button. The candidate(s) will receive an email invitation to complete the on demand interview. After completing the interview, their interview will be reviewable from the candidate record in Bullhorn or the Review Candidates tab in the interviewstream tab of the Job record.