Inviting Candidates to Complete Your On Demand Interview

  1. With your interview setup complete, you can begin to invite candidates. From the Invite Candidates tab, select an interview type and enter the candidate’s information in the candidate rows. Click Add Candidate Row to add new candidate fields, allowing to invite multiple candidates at one time. You can also upload a CSV file to bulk upload candidates. Click here to download a sample CSV file.
    • If you’ve downloaded the sample CSV template, replace the information with your candidate information, save the file and upload it to bulk upload candidates. Please note: we recommend bulk uploading no more than 50 candidates at one time.
    • Alternatively, you can send out invitations manually using the provided link at the bottom of the page. Which will send the candidate to a branded landing page where they will be able to manually enter their information.
  1. Once you’ve added all of your candidates, click the Send Invites button.
    • If you invite a candidate that has already been invited to another requisition, you’ll receive a system notification. This will allow you to decide if you still want to invite that candidate. If you’d like to proceed click Next.
    • To learn how to use the SMS invitations feature, click here.
  1. Review and edit the invitation email template. Click the Send Email button to invite your candidates to complete the interview. Each candidate who is invited will have a candidate record created in the Review Candidates tab.
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