Inviting Candidates to Complete a connect Interview

This lesson will walk through inviting a new candidate to participate in an interviewstream connect Interview. connect Interviews are live interviews and can contain up to five active participants, and an unlimited amount of observers.

Please note: the number of active participants is an account wide setting. To increase or decrease the number of active participants that can be allowed in a connect live interview, contact your Account Manager.

  1. Select the Invite Candidates tab in the requisition you’d like to invite candidates.
  1. Select the Live 2-Way Interview button.
  1. Type the candidate’s information in the candidate rows.
    • Click Add Candidate Row to add new candidate fields. You can also upload with a CSV file to bulk upload candidates.
    • Click here to download a CSV upload template. After downloading the template, replace the information with your candidate information, save the file and upload it to bulk upload candidates.
      • Please note: we recommend bulk uploading no more than 50 candidates at one time.
  1. Click the Set Time button.
  1. Select a date, start time, and length for the interview.
  1. In the internal participants section you’ll have the option to add additional participants. Enter the email address of any additional participants you’d like to add to the live interview. Internal participants must have a user profile in your account. As you type the email address of the participant you’ll see an auto-populating list below the text box. Select the user you’d like to add.
  1. In the internal participants table, choose to mark participants as required or not using the check box.
  1. Select a join time for each participant. Join times can be congruent or staggered.
  1. Add a length of time for each participant.
    • The overall start time and meeting length must equal the start time and length from the top section.
  1. Click Save.
  1. After adding all candidate rows and setting a start time for each candidate, click the Send Invites button to review the invitation email.
  1. Review the email invitation and make any changes if necessary. Click Send Email. The interviewstream platform will send an email invitation to the added candidate. Each candidate who is invited will have a candidate record created in the Review Candidates tab.
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