Interview Types

When was the last time interviewing felt easy? Whether it’s going back-and-forth to set a meeting time, scrambling to put together questions, or learning too late that you overlooked a stellar candidate, the process is riddled with challenges. We want to change that.

interviewstream is your hub for everything interviewing.

Our full suite of solutions allow your hiring team to empower, evaluate, educate, and engage candidates and colleagues throughout the hiring process. With interviewstream you can:

  • Curate interview guides to structure high-quality, brand-consistent candidate experiences.
  • Set up one-way video interviews to quickly engage and review preliminary candidates, reducing time- and cost-to-hire.
  • Automate the scheduling process of interviews so you can focus your attention on more pertinent tasks.
  • And connect with candidates anywhere in real-time with live video interviews.

Never fear internal miscommunication again — the interviewstream platform was designed to enable quick and easy information sharing amongst team members.

Interview recordings, feedback notes, question banks, and more are all visible to your hiring team, facilitating a seamless transfer of information between interviews. To make the hiring process even more streamlined, the platform integrates directly with your pre-existing ATS.

Make the interview process as easy as it should be with interviewstream.

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