Sharing Specific Candidates

Sharing specific candidates in an interviewstream requisition will allow you to choose one or more candidates to share with internal or external interviewstream users. If a candidate or candidates have been shared with an internal interviewstream user (an individual who has an interviewstream login in your account) they will be granted access to the candidate(s) profile and will be able to access the candidate interview(s) from inside interviewstream.

If you’re sharing candidates with external reviewers (users who do not have an interviewstream login) they will receive a link to view the selected candidates.

  1. Navigate to the Review Candidates tab in a Requisition that contains candidates you want to share.
  1. Select the candidates that you want to share by clicking the check marks to the left of their names.
  1. Click the Share button at the top of the page.
  2. After clicking on the Share button, choose to Share Selected Candidates.
  1. In this section, you can view all of the individuals that already have access to one or more candidates within this requisition. Click the check mark next to any of the existing users. To provide access to someone else on your team, simply enter that person’s email address in the box provided.
  1. If a user account already exists or if this person has received shared candidates previously, their name will automatically populate. Select their name to allow access.
    • If you are granting this person access to review candidates for the first time, after clicking Add Reviewer, you will be prompted to enter their First and Last name.
  1. Once you have added or selected the users you want to share the specific candidates with, click the Share button in the top right.
  1. An email will be sent to each individual letting them know they have candidates to review.

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