Reviewing a Candidate’s Live Interview

  1. After you’ve completed a connect live interview with a candidate, you will have the ability to review their interview. To review a candidate, you will need to access their candidate profile. This can be found by selecting a requisition and clicking the Review Candidates tab at the top of your screen. Click the desired candidate’s name to review their interview.
  1. Once you’ve accessed a candidate’s profile, you’ll see their interview record. If the interview was recorded you can playback the interview in the video player
    • Please note: Recordings will be made available after they have finished uploading at the conclusion of the interview.
    • If available, click the questions tab to view and rate questions asked in the interview.
  1. Add an overall candidate rating at the top of the interview record.
  1. To enter overall evaluation information, click the Evaluation Mode tab.
  1. Fill out the evaluation form.
  1. Choose to recommend or not recommend a candidate by selecting the thumbs up or down icons.
  1. Finally, click the Evaluation Summary button to view a summary of all evaluations given to the candidate record.
  1. The overall candidate score will be recorded and available in the Rating column of the Review Candidates tab.
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