Creating a Pre-Recorded Interview Template

This guide will cover creating a Pre-Recorded Interview Template. Pre-Recorded Interview Templates are one way video interviews that can be sent to a candidate. The interview will consist of questions you’ve pre-selected, allowing the candidate to complete the interview on their own time.

  1. Navigate to the Interview Templates tab by clicking Manage in the left navigation menu bar and clicking the Interview Templates tab at the top of the screen.
    • Please note: an interview template can also be created within the Positions tab, immediately after creating a new position.
  1. Click the + New Interview Template button.
  1. Enter Interview details and click on the Select Interview Questions tab below.
    • Please note: at minimum an interview Title, Position and Job are required to continue.
    • Adding a tag to the interview will add a searchable tag to the interview template.
    • The response countdown dropdown will allow you to select the number of seconds a candidate has before the system records their answer.
    • The redirect URL field allows you to enter a URL address. After the candidate completes their interview they will be redirected to this link.
    • Checking the Public checkbox allows users in your account to view or duplicate your template for their own use.
  1. Select your desired questions by clicking on the “+” icon to the right of the question text.
    • New questions can be created by selecting the + New Content button.
  1. Adjust the Response Type, Response Time Limit and Attempts Allowed per question.
    • Response Type adjusts how your candidates will respond to each question.
    • Response Time Limit sets the amount of time your candidate will have available to respond to each question.
    • Attempts Allowed limits how many attempts your candidate has to complete the question.
  1. Click the Videos dropdown below and select or record your desired Intro, Exit, and optional videos.
    • To add in About Us Videos, click the checkbox and select or record your videos.
  1. Click Save to finish creating your interview template.
    • If you would like to utilize the optional Exit Survey feature please skip to Step 8.
  1. Click the Candidate Exit Survey and/or Reviewer Exit Survey check-box.
    • A Candidate Exit Survey displays at the end of the candidate’s interview.
    • A Reviewer Exit Survey displays when a Reviewer has finished reviewing a candidate.
  1. Type in your first survey question in the Enter Question Here textbox.
  1. Type in your response options in their respective Option 1, 2, 3 or 4 textboxes.
    • A minimum of two options must be provided per question.
  1. Click + Add Question on the left to add multiple questions to your survey. Click the X next to a question to delete it. Repeat Steps 9 – 10 until you have created all of your desired survey questions.
  1. Click Save to finish creating your interview template.

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