Creating a New Public Link

This guide will cover creating a public link interview invitation. Public links are generated in your account and can be posted or sent to candidates, and will allow them to complete the interview attached to the link.

  1. After creating an Interview Template, click on the template name to navigation to the template’s details page.
  1. Click New Invitation to create a new invitation.
  1. Click Public Link.
  1. The Interview Template, Job, and Position selection are all pre-populated but can be changed using the dropdown boxes available.
  1. Add a link title and an optional access code.
  1. Choose to add an optional start and/or end date. These dates activate and deactivate the invitation link after the specified date.
    • If a start and/or end date is selected be sure to choose a time zone.
  2. Click Create Link to generate the public link.
  1. The public link will generate on screen, click Copy Link to save the link to your clipboard.

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