Creating a New Private Invitation

This guide will cover creating and sending private interview invitations. Private invitations are sent from your account via email and are only accessible using the link provided in the invitation.

  1. After creating an Interview Template, click on the template name to navigate to the template’s details page.
  1. Click New Invitation to create a new invitation.
  1. Click Private Link.
  1. The Interview Template, Job, and Position selection are all pre-populated but can be changed using the dropdown boxes available.
  1. Add a link title, optional access code, and select an email template.
  2. Type in the email address you would like to send this private link invitation to. Be sure to press enter after typing every email address.
  3. Choose to require authentication. This optional step requires candidates to create a password and verify their email address before continuing.
  1. Choose to add an optional start and/or end date. These dates activate and deactivate the invitation link after the specified date.
    • If a start and/or end date is selected be sure to choose a time zone.
  2. Click Send to send the private invitations to the specified email addresses.

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