Interview Templates Tab Overview

This guide will cover the interface overview of the Interview Templates tab. In the Interview Templates tab, you can create and manage Pre-Recorded Interview Templates in Hire. A Pre-Recorded Interview Template can be sent to candidates allowing them to complete an interview on their own time.

To navigate to the Interview Templates tab, click Manage under the Hire section of the left navigation menu bar and click the Interview Templates tab at the top of the page.

  1. Menu Bar – Access your home dashboard, tools, and modules.
  2. Dashboard Tabs – Click on a tab to navigate through your Hire dashboard.
  3. Search Tags Filter – Type in a tag name and press Enter to search all interview templates by specific tag.
  4. Interview Template Title Filter – Click to search and sort interview templates by a specific title with this filter.
  5. Owner Filter – Click to search and sort interview templates by a specific owner with this filter.
  6. Status Filter – Click to filter your invitations by the status of “Active”, “Expired”, “Archived”, or “All”.
  7. Creation Date Filter – Click to search and sort interview templates by the date they were created.
  8. Tag Filter – View the tags associated with each interview template.
  9. Filter Button  – If you’ve typed in any of the filter fields, click the Filter button to launch the search.
  10. New Interview Template Button – Click to create a new interview template. The New Interview Template wizard will open and guide the user through the process of creating a new template.
  11. Select All – Click to select/deselect all fields.
  12. Duplicate Button – After selecting a field, click the duplicate button to copy content.
  13. Archive Button – Click here to archive all selected interview templates.
  14. Restore Button – Click here to restore all selected archived interview templates to active.
  15. Interview Templates – Click on the text title to open an interview template and modify it’s settings.

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