Invitations Tab Overview

This guide will cover the interface overview of the Invitations tab. In the Invitations tab, you can send out and manage invitations to Interview Templates in Hire. When creating a new invitation you’ll have the option to send a public or private invitation. Public invitations are links that can be distributed manually to your candidates. Private invitations are emails that will be sent directly to your candidates via an email from the InterviewStream platform.

To navigate to the Invitations tab, click Manage under the Hire section of the left navigation menu bar and click the Invitations tab at the top of the page.

  1. Menu Bar – Access your home dashboard, tools, and modules.
  2. Dashboard Tabs – Click on a tab to navigate through your Hire dashboard.
  3. Invitation Title Filter – Search for a specific title or filter alphabetically by clicking on the column header text or the
  4. Job Filter – Click to filter by a specific job, or search by name.
  5. Position Filter – Click to filter by a specific position, or search by name.
  6. Interview Filter – Click to filter by a specific interview template, or search by name.
  7. Candidate Filter – Click to filter by candidates in alphabetical order, or search by name. Public invitations will display with the title “Public Invitations”.
  8. Status Filter – Click to filter your invitations by the status of “Active”, “Expired”, “Archived”, or “All”.
  9. Response Status – Shows the progress on a particular invitation. Private invitations will display the step a candidate is on in their interview.
  10. Creation Date Filter – Click to filter by a specific date, or search by date range.
  11. Filter Button  – If you’ve typed in any of the filter fields, click the Filter button to launch the search.
  12. New Invitation Button – Click to create a new interview invitation.
  13. Select All – Click to select/deselect all fields in the index.
  14. Archive Button – Click here to archive all selected invitations.
  15. Restore Button – Click here to restore all selected archived invitations.
  16. Invitations – Click on the title text to view the selected object.

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