Creating a New Email Template

This guide will cover creating a new email template. If selected, custom email templates are sent out in place of system default email templates and can be created for pre-recorded interview invitations, live interview invitations, and when you would like to invite a peer to review a candidate.

  1. Navigate to the Email Templates Manager by clicking Email Templates under the Tools section of the left navigation menu bar.
  1. From the Email Templates page, click New template button.
  1. Choose which module you want to add the new email template to (if you have more than one module).
  2. Choose a folder.
  3. Click Add button.
  1. Give your email template a title.
  2. Choose to make this email template public or private.
    • Public content is visible to all users in your account. Private content is only visible to you and account managers.
  1. Type your email template using the text editor.
    • Font style, size, page format and layout are customizable.
  1. Drag merge fields into your template to have the platform autofill information such as logos, interview date and time, candidate information, etc. 
  1. Review your email template and click Save button.
  2. Your newly created email template is now available under the Templates category.

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