Recording a New Question

This guide will cover recording new custom questions in the content manager. Custom recorded questions can be used in Pre-Recorded Interview Templates.

  1. Click Content Management in the left navigation menu bar and select the Hire Questions tab.
  1. From the Content Manager page, click New content button.
  1. Choose “Question” as the content type.
  2. Choose your media type.
  3. Choose to make your content public or private.
    • Public content is visible to all users in your account. Private content is only visible by you and account managers.
  4. Enter your question text.
    • Enter the full question text in this field, this will be the text that candidates will see when completing an interview.
  5. To organize your content, type tag categories in the Tags field.
    • Remember to press enter after every tag name.
  6. Click the Record button button.
  1. Select your webcam from the dropdown under the Video section.
    • If this is your first time using your webcam in the system an adobe flash notification will display.  Click Close.

    • Next click Allow to allow you camera to run using InterviewStream.

Click Allow

  1. Select your microphone from the dropdown list.
  2. Move the volume slider to the right until your volume meter peaks at the red marker.
  3. Wait for your connection test to finish.
    • Green markers signify a strong internet connection. If you do not have a proper connection email Technical Support or call (877)773-3164 option 3.
  4. Click .
  1. A 5 second countdown will begin and the system will start recording.
  2. Click inside the video player to stop recording.
  1. Click Retry to re-record your question.
  2. Click Review to review your recorded question.
  3. If you’re satisfied with your recorded question, click the Create button button.
    • If you’d like to continue recording content, click Create More.
  1. Your new question will be available in the Hire Questions tab of the Content Manager.

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