Android Mobile App on demand Candidate Experience

This lesson will cover the process of starting and completing an interviewstream on demand interview using an Android device.

  1. From your invitation email, click the Click Here to Begin button.
  1. If you have not downloaded the RIVS Apply app, download it by clicking the Google Play badge.
  1. Click the Install button to download the RIVS Apply app.
  1. Click the Accept button to allow the app to use your device hardware.
  1. Return to your mobile browser and copy the password from the invitation page. Open the RIVS Apply App.
  1. Once you’ve opened the RIVS Apply App, type the email address associated with your interview into the email address field and paste the password into the password field. Click Login.
  1. Navigate to the interview you’d like to complete.
  1. Select the interview you want to complete by clicking the Details button.
  1. Review the welcome message and click the Start Practice button to take a practice question. Click the Start Real button to begin your interview.
  1. Review the question on-screen. Wait for the time to finish or press Answer to record your response.
  1. Click the Record Now button to begin recording, the recording will also automatically begin after the preparation timer runs out.
  1. Click the Stop Recording button to end your recording.
  1. Review your response by clicking the play button on the video player. If available, press the re-record button to re-record your response. Click Use This Recording to move to the next step in the interview process.
  1. Do not exit the app until your responses have finished uploading and you see a status of Complete next to your interview. Your interview will be submitted to the organization who sent the interview invitation.

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