The Scheduling Experience

Once you’ve received an invitation to schedule a time for your interview you’ll receive an email invitation. Click on the link in your invitation to schedule a time.

We recommend scheduling your time block as soon as possible as it’s likely that other candidates have also been invited to participate in the interviewing event process. The sooner you schedule the more times will be available to you.

  1. After clicking on your scheduling invitation, or submitting an application through a landing page, you’ll see available time blocks in the timezone you’re located in. 
  1. Use the calendar navigation features to adjust the calendar view.
  1. Click on a time block to select it.
  1. If you’d like to select and confirm this time, click Confirm Time. If you like to select a different time, click Cancel.
  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a calendar link to add the event to your calendar.
    • On the confirmation screen, you may have different options to adjust your time block including rescheduling, canceling your meeting, contacting the organizer, and downloading an ICS file of the event. These options are set up by the event administrator and may change.
    • If you schedule event has a live interview attached. Click on the link or button to join the live interview at the appointed time. For a walk-through of how to participate in a live interview, click here.
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