Configuring Calendar Availability for an Auto-Scheduled/Sequential Scheduler Event

  1. After selecting/creating an auto-scheduled or sequential scheduler event, select the Calendar Availability tab.
  1. From the calendar, you can view time slots scheduled with attendees. Use the legend on the left side of the calendar to determine which time blocks are available and which time blocks have been scheduled with a candidate.
  1. Use the calendar navigation buttons to navigate through different calendar time spans.
  1. Attendees can be invited using a public link, by copying the Invite Link on the left side of the screen.
  1. Download the event agenda by clicking the Download Agenda button.
  1. Edit user access by clicking the Edit User Access button. Activate or deactivate user access using the check boxes. Add new internal users by clicking the Add User button and typing the username of the individual you would like to add to the event.
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