Your Attendees List

  1. After creating an event and inviting candidates to schedule a time on your calendar, click the View Attendees tab in the event you’d like to view.
  1. In the table, you can view candidate information, track their scheduling status, leave notes about the candidate, and copy their scheduling link if you’d like to send the link to the candidate manually.
  1. In the event status column, track the current scheduling stage of the candidate to see where they are in the process.
  1. In the Internal Participants Status column, view the status that internal participants have selected on the event confirmation emails they receive after a candidate has selected a time.
  1. Invite new attendees by clicking the Create New button.
  1. The Share Link in the top right corner of the page will allow you to view or send the attendee list to external users or hiring managers to view your attendee list. This list is viewable by external users who do not have an interviewstream login.