Conducting an Interview

In this lesson we’ll walk through how to conduct an interview using interviewstream.

  1. After logging in, click on the conduct tab.
  1. From the Conduct menu, you will have three options, you can conduct a practice interview created by your account administrators, conduct an assignment created and assigned to you by a professor or admin, or create and take a custom interview. In this lesson we’ll conduct a practice interview.
  1. Click on the Practice Interviews option.
  1. In the practice interviews menu you’ll see a list of interviews that are available for you to use to improve your interviewing skills.
  2. Hover over an interview image and click on the View Questions button to preview the questions in the interview or click Start Interview to begin.
  1. In the hardware check, make sure that your camera and microphone are correctly being used by interviewstream.
    • Depending on your browser you may need to give your browser access to your camera and microphone.
  1. Review the instruction message and click Proceed to My Interview.
  1. An intro video will play at the beginning of the interview followed by the first question in the interview.
  1. You’ll see a countdown timer on-screen displaying the amount of time you have until the response recording will begin. If you’re ready to record your answer before the end of the countdown click the Record Now button.
  1. Record your response and click anywhere on the screen to end the recording.
  1. You can review your response, retry (if additional attempts have been granted in the interview settings), or continue on to the next step using the buttons on-screen.
  1. The process will repeat as long as there are additional questions in the interview. Once you’ve completed all questions in the interview an outro video will play and you’ll receive a confirmation email that your interview has been completed.
  1. Use the menu options onscreen to request counselor review, view your interview, go home, or log out.
    • Please note: Requesting counselor review is an optional feature and may not be activated on your interview.

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