Creating an Assignment as a Professor

  1. From the professor dashboard, select the Professor Pages drop down menu and click the My Assignments option.
  1. To create a new assignment, click the Create New Assignment button.
  1. Fill out the assignment information. In the Additional Assignment Managers section, select other users who will share ownership of the assignment and click the Next button.
    • Note: please select a timezone, date, and time for the due date. The assignment will expire in the timezone you select.
  1. From the question library, search for questions in the search bar or scroll through the question categories. Select a category and click the plus button next to the questions to add them into the interview.
  1. Select the response type, retry limit and response time limit for each question and click Next.
    • The retry limit will allow students to retry questions after they’ve completed a response, each retry will overwrite the previous recordings.
  1. Type a message that will be displayed on the assignment’s start page.
  1. Type the email addresses of the users you would like to receive an invitation to take this assignment. To enter more email addresses, press enter and type each address on a new line.
    • You may also import a .csv file containing email addresses. Create an excel file with email addresses in one column and save the file as a .csv file type. Click Choose File to select the file on your computer.
  1. Click the first checkbox to activate an assessment code that students can use to self-register for the assignment. Select the second checkbox if you’d like to receive notifications whenever a student completes the assignment.
  1. Click Create to complete the assignment creation. The assignment will be added to your platform and students will receive an email invitation inviting them to complete the assignment.
Click the Register link in the menu bar to create a profile. Creating a profile allows you to track and maintain progress on course lessons you’ve started and completed.