Sharing Your Interview

This guide will cover the process of sharing an interview you have completed in your InterviewStream platform. Interviews can be shared via email or public link and will allow the recipient to review your completed interview.

  1. From your InterviewStream dashboard, click Watch My Interview.
  1. Using the Interviews dropdown, select the interview you’d like to share.
  1. Click the Share button located under the video player.
  1. Use the checkboxes to share all of your interviews or only the selected interview. And choose to hide or include previous comments and assessments.
  1. Select the email or link tab to select your sharing method.
    • Email Option: Select the email option to send a review invitation via InterviewStream to all included email addresses.
    • Link Option: Select the link option to generate a public link which can be distributed manually to recipients.

Sharing Your Interview via Email

  1. With the Email tab selected, type the email addresses of individuals you would like to review your interview. If you are including multiple email addresses, separate each email address with a comma. E.g.,
  1. Type a message that will be included in your review invitation.
  1. Click Send. Reviewers will receive an invitation which includes your message and a link to review the selected interview(s).

Sharing Your Interview via Public Link

  1. After clicking the Link tab, click the Generate Link button.
  1. Copy the link from the text field. The generated link can be sent manually to any individual you would like to review your interview(s).

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