Sharing Multiple Candidates Using Review Links

This guide will cover creating a Candidate Review Link. Review Links allow you to share multiple candidates from the same interview through a public link or private invitation. Unlike Share Links, Review Links allow the viewer to leave comments on candidate interviews.

Creating a Review Link

  1. Navigate to the Interview Templates Tab by selecting Manage on the left navigation menu bar.
  1. Next, click the Interview Templates Tab.
  1. Select an interview template containing candidates you want to share.
  1. From the interview template details page, click the Responses Tab.
  1. Click the checkbox next to each candidate you would like to share.
  1. Select the New Review Invitation button.
  1. Choose to share this interview via public or private link.
    • Private links are email invitations sent directly to individuals from your InterviewStream account. Public links are links generated by the platform that can be manually shared with individuals.
  1. Add a title to the review link. If you’ve chosen to send a private link, click Select Email Template and choose an email template from the dropdown list.
  1. Enter email addresses into the Email Template field, press the enter key after typing each email address.
  1. Add an optional access code and/or optional authentication setting.
  1. Set a reply-to email by typing an email address in the Reply-To Email field.
  1. Add an optional start and end date for the link under the Start & End Dates section. Click the checkboxes next to either/both calendars, and use the calendar selector to add a date.
  1. Choose a timezone from the timezone dropdown.
  1. Click Send to send your review link invitations.
    • If you’ve created a public link, copy the link from the display.

Accessing a Review Link

  1. After navigating to a review link, enter your email address, first and last names, and select the privacy and terms checkbox. Click Next.
  1. To play a candidate’s response, select a question and click the play button.
  1. View candidate details, select a different candidate to view, and view candidate notes by selecting the associated tab in the top right corner.
  1. Comment and rate candidate responses in the section below the video player. Click Submit to save your comment.
    • The comment and rating are attached to the question that is currently selected.

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