Adding Text Questions to an Interview

This guide will cover adding text question to an interview in while in the process of creating the interview. Created text questions will be added to your library for future use.

  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click the Interviews Menu.
  1. From the Interviews Menu select the Customized Interview Sets tab.
  1. To create a new interview set click Create New Interview Set.
  1. To add a new text question into your library select the Record/Manage Questions button.
  1. Click Add A Text Question.
  1. Type the question text into the dialog box at the top of the screen. Click Save & Finish to create the question and end the process, or click Save & Add More to continue to create new text questions.
  1. Your newly created question(s) will be added under the Recorded Questions section. Click Create Folder to add folder organization to your custom questions.
  1. Add a folder name and click Submit to create the folder.
  1. To organize your custom questions, drag the questions under the Recorded Questions section into the desired folder. Click the X button in the top right corner to exit the Question Manager.
  1. Your new folders will be displayed at the top of your question library. Click the folder to view the questions inside. Click the plus button next to as question to add it into the interview.
  1. Choose whether you would like users to respond with a video or text response, the number of retries they will have per question, and the time limit per questions. Click Next.
  1. Finally, choose locations for the interview and if you’d like this to be an assignment as well. Fill out the interview information settings and click “Submit”. Your new interview will become available in the selected locations.

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