Recording a New Video

This guide will cover how to record a new interview question, intro, or exit video from the question admin section of your InterviewStream Prep platform.

  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click the Interviews menu.
  1. From the Interviews Menu, click the Question Admin tab.
  1. To record your own custom video, start by selecting the Record New Video button.
  1. Make sure your camera and microphone are set to the correct devices. Click the Test Device button to move forward.
  1. Click Allow to give the system access to your devices.
  1. Your webcam preview will begin and you will need to pass a microphone test in order to proceed. Speak normally and raise the volume slider until your volume meter reaches the red target line. Click the Continue button to proceed.
  1. Enter text for the recording. This text will display at the bottom of each question when a user conducts an interview. Click the Continue and Start Recording button.
  1. The recording process will begin after a 3, 2, 1 countdown. Once the recording has begun you can click anywhere to end the recording.
  1. After you end your recording you will have three options: Review, Retry, or Submit. Click the Review button to preview your  recording. Click the Retry button to re-record your video (this overwrites the previous recording). Click the Submit button to save your recording.
  1. After clicking Submit, choose to make the recording a question or an intro or exit video. If you’ve chosen to record a question, review the text and click Confirm. If you’ve chosen to record an intro or exit video, title the recording and choose to make the recording an intro or exit video.
  1. Click Confirm to save your recording.
  1. Choose to record another video or to exit the process.
  1. If you exit the process you will be able to organize your newly recorded questions. You may add the question to a new folder, a current folder, or do it at another time. Click ‘Confirm’ or ‘I will add to my folders later’ to returned to the main question administration window.

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