Prep App Guide for Android

This guide will cover the process of starting and completing an interview, using the InterviewStream Mobile app on Android phones and tablets.

  1. Download the InterviewStream Mobile App from Google Play.
  1. Open the app and select I’m Practicing.
  1. Log into the app using your login credentials from the online platform.
  1. Select an interview from the list to begin interviewing.
    • Note: Available interviews may vary based on your organization.
  1. After selecting your interview, preview the questions and click the Start Interview button.
  1. Center yourself on the screen and select the Start Interview button.
  1. Watch the intro video and record the answer to your first question.
  1. After recording your answer, select Review to watch your recording. If the permissions of the interview allow, press Retry to re-record your answer, or click Continue or Submit to move forward.
  1. After recording the answer to the last question in the interview, an outro video will play and your responses will begin uploading.
  1. Do not exit the app until you see the on screen message stating “Your responses have been successfully uploaded!”.

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