Completing A Custom Interview

This guide will cover how to create and complete a custom interview in your InterviewStream Prep account.

  1. From your User Dashboard, click the Conduct An Interview button.
  1. To create and complete your own custom interview, click the Custom Interview button.
  1. Start by using the question library to find questions for your interview. Click on a category to view its questions and click on the plus button next to a question to add it to the interview.
  2. In the Selected Questions section, you can view the questions you’ve chosen for the interview. Click Start My Interview.
  1. After beginning your interview, the system will take you through three system checks. The first is an internet speed test. Click Next when prompted.
  1. The second test is a webcam check. Click Allow to give the system access to your webcam. Click Next when prompted.
  1. The third system check is a microphone check. Select your microphone from the dropdown list, speak normally and adjust the gray
    slider until your volume peaks at the red line. Click Next when prompted.
  1. To move forward, select Proceed To My Interview.
  1. The interview includes a short introduction. The first question will be asked immediately after the completion of the introduction.
  2. The first question will be asked, you’ll be given a countdown, and will immediately begin recording your response. Click anywhere to stop recording.
  1. After recording your response you’ll have three options. You can review, retry, or submit your response.
  1. After submitting your final response an outro video will play and your responses will be uploaded. Please leave your browser open until the upload is complete.

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