Completed Tab Overview

This guide will cover the functionality of the Completed Interviews tab. Here you can view and
manage all completed interviews on your platform.

To navigate to the Completed Tab, click Interviews Menu from the admin dashboard and select the
Completed tab.

  1. Location Filter – Select a location to filter by interviews conducted in the selected location.
  2. Interview Filter – Search by specific interview title.
  3. First Name Filter – Search for interviews by the participant first name.
  4. Last Name Filter – Search for interviews by the participant last name.
  5. Start Date Filter – Select the start date in the searchable date range.
  6. End Date Filter – Select the end date in the searchable date range.
  7. Email Address Filter – Enter an email address or email domain to search by email address.
  8. Criteria Filter – Select checkboxes to filter by specific criteria.
  9. Search Button – After entering filter criteria click the Search button to filter your interview list.
  10. Reset Filter Button – Click the reset button to clear all filters.
  11. Export Table Button – Select the Export button to export an excel file containing your filtered/unfiltered interview list.
  12. Full Name Column – Column containing the participant full names.
  13. Interview Name – Column containing the Interview Title.
  14. Email Address – Column containing the participant email addresses.
  15. Completion Date – Column displaying the date the interview was completed.
  16. Self-Assessment Indicator – The self-assessment icon will display when the participant has submitted an assessment on their interview.
  17. Review Requested – This icon will display when the participant has requested for a counselor to review their interview.
  18. Mark For Review – Click the checkbox to mark the interview as reviewed.
  19. Usage Stats Button – Click the icon to view the specific user’s usage stats.
  20. Share Button – Click the Share Icon to share the selected interview.
  21. Delete Interview Button – Click the Delete Icon to delete the selected interview.

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