Sharing Multiple Candidates Using Share Links

This guide will cover creating a Candidate Share Link. Share Links allow you to share multiple candidates through a public link or private invitation to individuals. Share links can include comments and ratings, candidate notes, exit surveys, and can be secured using optional access codes and expiration dates.

Creating a Share Link

  1. Navigate to the Responses tab by click Manage in the left navigation menu bar and clicking the Responses tab at the top of the screen.
    • Please note: a share link can also be created within a Position’s details page, Interview template details page (with the responses tab selected), and in a candidate’s profile.
  1. Select one or more candidate interviews by clicking the checkbox next to each name.
  1. Click the + New Share Link button.
  1. From the Hire Share Link Creator page you’ll be able to add or edit selected candidate interviews. Use the index on the left to navigate to candidate interviews you’d like to add to the share link. Click the plus button to select the new candidate interview.
  1. Click the minus button under the Selected Completed Responses to remove a candidate interview from the share link.
  1. Choose to share either the candidate’s entire interview or to share individual responses from the selected interviews. Click Next.
    • If you choose to select individual responses you’ll be brought to a new page, navigate through the index on the left and click the plus button next to the responses you want to share. Preview the responses using the eye icon, and click Next to continue.
  1. Add a share link title and add an optional access code.
  2. Choose to make the share link private or public by clicking the toggle.
    • Private invitations are email invitations sent directly to individuals you would like to view the selected candidates.
  1. If you’ve chosen to make the share link private you’ll have to option to require authentication.
    • Requiring authentication will send an authentication email to verify access to the invited users upon sign-in.
  2. Select an email invitation by clicking “Select Email Template”.
    • Email templates can be added and customized in the Email Templates manager. Click here to view the guide on creating email templates.
  3. Under the Emails section, type the email addresses of individuals you would like to view the selected candidate interviews.
    • Please note: you will need to press enter after typing each email address.
  1. Allow other users to manage the share link, show comments and ratings in the link, show candidate notes, and show the candidate exit survey (if applicable) using the respective toggles.
  1. Add an optional start and end date for the link under the Start & End Dates section. Click the checkboxes next to either/both calendars and use the calendar selector to add a date.
  2. Choose a timezone from the Timezone dropdown.
  1. Click the Save button to save your Share Link.
  2. If you’ve created a public link, copy the link from the display.

Accessing a Share Link

  1. After navigating to a share link, enter your email address, first and last names, and select the privacy and terms checkbox. Click Next.
  1. To play a candidate’s response, select a question and click the play button.
  1. Select a different candidate or interview using the Candidate and Interview filters a the top of the screen.
  2. If the link administrator has given access to comments and notes, they can be access using the tabs below the question selector and video player.

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