Creating a New Interview Set

This guide will cover creating a new interview set. Practice interview sets are available to all students in your location and can be completed at any time.

  1. From your Admin Dashboard, click the Interviews menu.
  1. Next, click the Customize Interview Sets tab.
  1. Click the “Create New Interview Set” button.
  1. Start by using the question library to find questions for your interview. Click on a category to view its questions and click on the plus button next to a question to add it to the interview.
  1. In the Selected Questions section, you can view the questions you’ve chosen for the interview. Set the response type, the number of retries students will have per question and the number of minutes they will have to respond to each question. Click “Next”.
  1. Select the location you would like to add the interview to.
  2. Finally, add a name, description, choose to enable or disable previewing, add a notification email, choose or record intro and exit videos, choose an assessment, and background image and click “Submit”.

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