Reviewing an Interview

This guide will cover reviewing an interview. Interviews are available in the Responses tab after an invitation has been sent to a candidate, or they click on a public invitation link.

  1. Navigate to the Responses tab by clicking the Manage option in the left navigation menu bar, then click the Responses Tab at the top of your screen.
  1. To view a candidate’s interview, click the status bar in the response index.
  1. The candidate’s name, email address, and average rating will display on the right. To view a response from the candidate, click the question you want to view and press play.
  1. Comment and rate the candidate’s response in the section below the video player. Click submit to save your review.
    • The comment and rating are attached to the question that is currently selected.
  2. Click the X button to delete a submitted comment.
  1. To view candidate log data about the interview, click the Interview Log tab. Here you will be able to view information about the candidate’s network and hardware, the videos they viewed during the interview, and when they started and ended the interview.
  1. Click the Response Log tab to view the log data for the selected question.
  1. Tag the candidate by clicking the Tags tab, typing the tag and pressing enter.
  2. Delete a tag by clicking the X button on a previously entered tag.
  3. Click Save to finalize your changes.
  1. To add a note about the candidate click the Notes tab. Type in the text field and press Enter to save the note.
    • Notes are more generalized comments about the candidate or the interview they completed.
  2. To delete the note press the X button next to the comment.
  1. To share the interview, click the + New Review Link button under the Details tab.
    • Review links will allow the reviewer to comment and rate the candidate’s responses, as well as view their details and add notes.

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