Reviewer Profiles Overview

This guide will cover the interface overview of the Reviewer Profiles Menu. In the Reviewer Profiles Menu, you can review and manage the profiles of users who have reviewed candidates in your account.

To navigate to the Reviewer Profiles Menu, click Reviewer Profiles under the Hire section of the left navigation menu bar.

  1. Menu Bar – Access your home dashboard, tools, and modules.
  2. First Name Filter – Search for a specific reviewer profile by first name or click the  
    icon to filter alphabetically.
  3. Last Name Filter – Click to search and filter by last name.
  4. Email Address Filter – Click to search and filter by email address.
  5. Number of Interviews Reviewed Filter – Click to filter by the number of interviews each reviewer has viewed.
  6. Filter Button  – If you’ve typed in any of the filter fields, click the Filter button to launch the search.
  7. Select All – Click to select/deselect all fields in the index.
  8. Delete Button – Click here delete selected reviewer profiles.
  9. Candidate Profiles List – Click on a reviewer’s name to view their profile.

Start typing and press Enter to search