Creating and Managing Positions

From the system perspective a position is the sub-object of the job and therefore a job must exist in order to create a position. Since the job is meant to identify the role/responsibility that needs to be filled the position is meant to be the when/where/who of the job. You can have multiple positions associated with a single job.

Creating a Position

  1. Navigate to the Positions tab by clicking Manage in the left navigation menu bar and clicking the Positions tab at the top of your screen.
  1. Click + New Position.
    • As a shortcut in the process you may create a position immediately after creating a job by selecting +New Position from the job details page.
  1. Enter the position title.
  2. Select the job to associate from the drop down menu.
    • Optional: fill in the location, description, extras, and details.
  3. Click .
  1. Once you have created your position it will open the Positions Details and become available in the Positions Table.
  2. As a final step you may begin creating your pre-recorded interview directly from the position details page.

Managing Positions

  1. Select the Positions tab from your Hire Dashboard.
  1. Select the desired position and click the name.
  2. Click edit to make changes to the position.
  3. Click Save to save your changes.

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