Creating and Managing Jobs

From the system perspective a job is a top-level object which one or more positions may be associated with. An easy way to think about this is a job is the role/responsibility that needs to be filled, while a position would be the when/where/who.

Since a job must exist in order to create a position or interview this is a first and fundamental step of the process.

Creating a Job

  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab by clicking Manage in the left navigation menu bar.
  1. From the Jobs tab, click null.
  1. Fill in the job title.
  2. Optional: Fill in the job description, tags, details and extras.
    • All optional functions are useful for reporting or supplemental information for your ATS.
  3. Click .
  1. Your newly created job is now available in the job index.

Managing Jobs

  1. From the Jobs tab, click the name of a job in the table in order to view its details page.
  1. Once the job has been selected, click edit to edit the individual details.
    • From this view you can also see any positions that are currently available for the selected job.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.

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