User Overlay Menu Overview

This guide will cover the User Overlay Menu. Click on your profile image at the top of your page to access the menu. The overlay menu gives you a number of options for your account listed below.

The Me Tab

The Me Tab allows you to quickly view your profile and logout of your account.

  1. View Profile Button – Allows you to view and edit your account settings.
  2. Sign Out Button – Click to sign out of your account.
  3. InterviewStream Button – Click here to navigate to our home site.
  4. Terms Button – Click here to view our terms agreement.
  5. Privacy Button – Click here to view our privacy agreement.

The Help Tab

The Help Tab provides quick access to training guides based on where you are in the platform, and allows you to submit a support ticket from inside the platform.

  1. Helpful Tips – The Help Tab will display links to training guides based your location in the platform. Click on a topic to view the training guide.
  2. Report an Issue – Click the Click Here button to submit a support ticket.

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